Your 3-Point Checklist to Choosing the Right Disaster Recovery Partner

Key Considerations When Choosing Disaster Recovery Systems for Hyper-Critical FacilitiesLosing your data can happen easier than you think if your data isn’t protected or recovered properly. Keeping this in mind, disaster recovery should be a top priority for C-level execs and a primary consideration when thinking about the health of your business. To ensure the protection and recovery of your data, finding the right disaster recovery partner is key. While this is a difficult decision to make, it’s one that needs to be made carefully.

Here are 3 truly important criteria you should consider before deciding on a disaster recovery partner. After all, the health and even the survival of your business can depend on this decision.

1. Experience

In the disaster recovery business, experience is a key factor. A service provider may have a swanky website and the right selling tactics, but, without experience, all these factors could add up to nothing when disaster strikes and actual action is required. Research the background of the service providers you have identified as contenders and see if their worth in years and experience actually matches their selling strategies. Whether it is the list of awards they’ve won or their vision and mission, compare and contrast each.

2. Innovation

The tools and solutions in the disaster recovery segment typically evolve at a fast rate. When a service provider is serious about its business, it will ride every wave of change. Whether it is the inclusion of hybrid and cloud solutions in the range of their backup appliances or the latest in virtual machine backup, the right partner will have it all and understand it all conceptually.

3. Transparency

Find a service provider that isn’t afraid to be transparent. From existing customers to specific solutions provided, when great service is provided, it is displayed confidently, too. Check out customer case studies and resources to learn more about the experience with that provider, then decide.

Finding a disaster recovery service that is trustworthy, economical, innovative, consistent and a perfect fit for your business depends on a lot of factors, but these are the most important. At STORServer, we ensure that our range of services fit in with every aspect of your business. Our customized solutions can be tailored for every business, and our channel relations managers and support team provide the highest level of service. Contact us today so we can be your partner in disaster recovery.