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How to Make Backups from Virtual Machines a Seamless Experience

Data is important to any organization, and the volume of data continues to grow by the day. Many companies dealing with huge amounts of data opt for virtual machines to save space and improve efficiency. However, integrating the backup and disaster recovery system to these virtual machines remains a challenge. Managing a virtual environment in most backup solutions can be very time-consuming and can require a tremendous amount of troubleshooting and burdening the system administrator. Furthermore, not all virtual machines are created equally, and some machines are difficult to protect using host-level backups.

Here are a few tips to backing up data from virtual machines a seamless experience, while also making the life of the system administrators easy.

  • How to Make Backups from Virtual Machines a Seamless ExperienceVMware and Microsoft offer products that allow moving a running virtual machine from one host server to another. This means that, when creating a host-level backup, the host may be running on a completely different set of virtual machines compared to the last backup session. To overcome any issues, it is important that the backup system is compatible with all applications running on the virtual machine.
  • A fully automated system, complete with automatic scheduling and reporting, is more of a necessity than an optional luxury. Automated reports of full and file level backups, for instance, would allow the system administrator to refer to the status reports of nightly backups and, therefore, handle the situation in the morning without having to scramble for information.
  • Opt for a system that offers tech support. When unexpected problems flare up, the vendor’s tech support can be a lifesaver since they are familiar with the hardware and software.
  • Good backup and recovery solutions provide an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for the backup system. If it isn’t easy, it probably doesn’t integrate very well.

STORServer’s Virtual Machine Backup (VMB) software agent, powered by IBM’s award winning Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), makes backing up from virtual environments a breeze. Deploying TSM by itself could cause problems with configurations and be time-consuming. STORServer’s VMB integrates VMware Consolidated Backup utilities and the TSM backup-archive client to make the process simple, easy and fast while saving clients considerable time and money. Download our whitepaper on Virtual Machine Backup to learn more.

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