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License Correctly and Save Money – Data Protection

License correctly and save money! What?

Can two of the same things have two different prices? Heck yes! Not only can they have different prices, but they can also be dramatically different.

In the last few years, data protection solution providers have started to offer something besides “core-” or “server-” based. When buying software you need to consider all the options. One of the new options is capacity.

When purchasing data protection solutions, look for a company that offers pricing options that allow you to pay for solutions in the manner that makes the most financial sense for you. In the past, licensing models were based on the number and power of processor cores in the servers being protected. They also had cost advantages for organizations with a relatively large amount of data and  small number of servers or for organizations with other software products licensed this way.

But, some also offer a capacity-based licensing option that allows organizations to pay for the software based on the amount of data being protected. This model has cost advantages for organizations that have a relatively large number of servers. It also helps eliminate licensing cost surprises when servers are added or cores are upgraded. The software includes tools that can help the organization make accurate budget forecasts.

The capacity-based model has particular value in infrastructures with multiple applications that require data protection solutions. Under the capacity-based model, these solutions are included at no additional cost. In addition, using advanced features such as data deduplication, which reduces the amount of data being protected, decreases the amount of data being measured against the license cost.

So, when looking for a backup and recovery or archive and retrieve solution, ask your vendor to show you all of the different ways it can be licensed. Ask for a price for all options, and then make an informed decision.

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