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5 Key Technology Features That Make Up a Great Backup Appliance

Backup appliances are a result of the latest innovations in the automation technology space and are, therefore, on the must-have list of every IT manager. Not surprisingly, the mid-market has several players offering different kinds of solutions. So, how does one make the decision of selecting a great backup appliance that is a perfect fit for your company and includes everything you need, while also fitting your budget and being dependable?

Backup, archive and copies of these in a disaster recovery location should be in any backup appliance you review. When looking for a great backup appliance, however, here are a few more appliance features that help define enterprise capability:

  • 5 Key Software Features That Make Up a Great Backup ApplianceDeduplication technology options: Even in a global market, the right deduplication technology allows companies to copy duplicated files just once. This drastically reduces backup storage sizes and allows for data protection storage to shrink at most to just three times the active production storage, instead of 50 times the backup storage requirement as offered by outdated solutions. In fact, enterprise deduplication offers byte and block level deduplication that assists beyond just file dedupe advantages. Plus, deduplication at the source location helps to eliminate transferring a file, byte or block in a backup event, because that data already sits in the backup or archive space.
  • Appliance Replication features: Different forms of replication from one appliance to another should be available. Disk-based backups and high speed pipes are driving this innovation. Users should expect to have the ability to immediately restore the backup copy directly from their remote copy. While all backup is actually a replication activity, the new focus provides active synchronizing of data by node, or machine. A remote appliance, in fact, can also be a local backup appliance as well a remote replication provider.
  • Virtual machine backups: Thanks to the introduction of virtual machines, complete machine protection and restoration is one of the key features offered by backup technology. Enterprise backup appliance take advantage of this capability. Virtual machines allow for quick restore and redeployment of a user’s machine without complex issues regarding the underlying server or storage components.
  • Flexible Console viewing ability: Typical appliances provide a single console view, but not one that can conform to the needs of each user managing their own data. Consoles help operators and manager steer the dashboard items they need, as well as the policy management, and dynamic reporting and alerts. Console flexibility basically provides portal views into the backed up and archived data for every level of user.
  • Cloud connection: Disks and tapes now have a new ally in data protection and recovery – the cloud, with both private and public cloud options. Cloud allows the location of storage to reside in a transparent, remote location without concern for the physical management of the storage on the part of a user. Typically, data moves to the cloud, and back, in digitized transfer over WAN connectivity, and appliances should have built-in capabilities to take advantage of cloud locations.

At STORServer, we pride ourselves as the original player to excel in the appliance approach to data protection. Our backup appliance solutions have flexible configurations and offer multiple disks, tape and cloud options, which are designed to provide comprehensive data protection solutions. Contact us for a customized solution that fits in with your data protection requirements and infrastructure.

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