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Keep Calm and Get a STORServer

It’s true. There are people out there who do not sleep at night. They get calls at all hours of the night from their operations persons who have detected a problem or their IT machines send out an alert. These unsung heroes of the raised floor have to get out of bed, grab their gear and start working. These are your IT staff.

I know what you’re thinking. They are not some sort of battle tested soldier who protects us from bad guys. While they do not carry a gun and their lives are not on the line, they do protect employees from bad guys. These hardworking individuals get no respect and go to war every day to protect our data.keep-calm-and-get-a-storserver-1

The Story

It’s 2 a.m. and my buddy just got a text about his company’s backups failing. He gets out of bed (half asleep), trips over some toys and makes a ton of noise. This wakes the 3-month-old baby in the next room who immediately starts screaming. He apologizes to his wife and grabs his laptop. He drops down on the sofa while his wife rocks the baby back to sleep and logs into the backup server to see why things are failing. 

After about 2 minutes, he sees that a group of nodes are all trying to back up to his tape library, but are failing. The library is out of scratch tapes, thus there is no space to write in the library.

In 30 seconds, he checks in some scratch tapes and the backups restart. All is well in the system, but not so good at home. The wife is not happy, the baby is still awake and he still has a 9 a.m. meeting in the office. After taking over baby duty, he gets the baby back to sleep and crawls into his bed. In total, he gets 4 hours of sleep.

The Moral of the Story

The moral of this story is that if his system is automated, this issue would have been totally avoided. If the system worked for him instead of him working for the system, there would not have been a problem. Someone forgot to check in the tapes that were inserted in to the library.

That is where a fully automated STORServer data protection appliance comes into the picture. The system tells the user what is happening every day and can take care of the menial tasks for the administrator. For example, it will send a list of tapes that need to be checked into the system everyday and will remind the admin to do it. It even makes it so simple that all he has to do is click on a command in the user interface.

Work Smart

We have all heard the quote, “Work smarter, not harder.” STORServer is a great example of that axiom. Our machine will do all the heavy lifting and free users up to actually work on all the other projects that keep piling ip.

The truth is that the IT world wages war every day against an ever-growing number of ones and zeros. To win this war, admins have to automate the systems to do the tasks they do not have time to do. In data protection, the way to do that is to get a solution that works for you so you do not get paged in the middle of the night for something that should have been automated.

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