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Is your Disaster Recovery plan ready?

Here is the question…. Is your disaster recovery plan really ready? Have you tested it and made sure it actually worked?

First, let’s define what a disaster recovery plan consists of. A disaster recovery plan provides detailed strategies that employees must follow during, and immediately after, a disaster. It defines the process from start to finish of how to recover your data on different hardware and possibly in a different place. This includes logistics such as hardware needed, people needed, milestones and a target time for system availability.

The fact is that you can never really plan for everything but creating a disaster recovery plan is doing exactly that. You have to plan for multiple contingencies that may never happen; so many times the disaster recovery planning process is a “red headed stepchild”. Nobody really thinks about it until it is necessary. No one expects a disaster so no one really wants to plan for it.

However, planning is important. If your data is important and it is essential to your business, then why would you not create a disaster recovery plan? The answer is, you may not have time or know how to do it.

That is where some of tools on the market help you and your business. What if there was a tool that would allow you to define your entire environment, create a plan dynamically that takes into consideration the changes that happen every day, and sends you this plan? What if there was a tool that also allowed you to add the logistics, hardware needed, people needed, milestones and a target time?

Well they exist and are not as expensive as people think. In fact, in all of our STORServer BA and EBA appliances you get a disaster recovery plan included in the price when you purchase our enterprise licensing. Why would you not want help with your disaster recovery planning?

Contact us for more information. We’d be happy to answer any questions and offer solutions specifically for your data protection requirements.

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