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Cool it On Your Bad Backups!

Cool it On Your Bad Backups!

cool-it-bad-backupMy husband, Jeff, has been in the heating and cooling industry his entire career. He started out as a dispatcher for an HVAC company during college, has worked for a large manufacturer of HVAC units and now owns his own company. In the HVAC industry, buyers need the best deal and the highest quality equipment that meets top standards.

Customer Loyalty

Jeff is loyal to his brand because of its industry authority, efficiency, superb reputation and because the products last for decades. Jeff advises the consumer to pay a little more up front for proficiency and future longevity of a furnace and air conditioning unit, as this saves money long-term.

Like Jeff’s trusted brands, STORServer uses the proven highest quality, best in class products for our custom-built appliances. We use high-end servers, libraries, storage and best in class backup software. The software providers we use (IBM and Commvault) are leaders in the industry.

Choosing  Solutions

The 2014-15 DCIG buyers guide has rated our backup appliance #1 in the industry. Although some consumers may purchase a less expensive data backup solution initially to save money, in the long run they miss important qualities and productivities that come with purchasing a STORServer backup appliance, like in-house United States-based support, fast expert installation and guaranteed recovery. STORServer gives a 30-day money back guarantee (in most cases), and your system will be up and running in two or three days. We are proud of our 95 percent support renewal rate: customers stick with us (for good reason!).

Planning Data Backup and Recovery

When planning a long-term and efficient data backup strategy that grows with your data, be sure to include backup, archive and disaster recovery, which should be a top priority in any organization. Don’t purchase a “quick fix” because of up-front cost (we have credit options, for payment planning). Let the expert engineers at STORServer solve your backup needs once and for all.

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