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How to Handle Data Growth

How to Handle Data Growth

Do you remember your first cell phone?

Mine was basically a small blue brick and featured easy scrolling through my contacts list as well as a lively game of snake. Texting was limited, but T9 taught me how to spell. I remember being careful not to click the button that connected me to the Internet because it would’ve been way too expensive. Besides, navigating web pages through a 2×2 inch screen didn’t serve much purpose.

How to Handle Data GrowthBut, I look at my phone now (which I bought two years ago and am getting desperate for an upgrade), which has an 8 megapixel camera, thousands of photos, songs, texts, and far too many apps. By current standards, my phone is old and will become obsolete by next year. And part of the reason is because the operating system won’t be able to support the mass amounts of data I collect on a daily basis effectively.

The amount of data we create doubles every two years. Think about that for a minute; the amount of photos or emails or texts you created two years ago was doubled this year. Here are a few statistics about data creation that I find positively staggering.

Every minute of the day:

  • Google receives over 2 million search queries
  • Twitter users send over 100,000 tweets
  • YouTube users upload 48 hours of new video
  • Instagram users share 3,6000 new photos

Of course, those are major social media platforms, but what about outside the social media sphere? As mentioned above, photos, texts, emails, customer data, etc. are no exception! As a whole, the global Internet represents 2.1 billion people… talk about big data and data creation.

So what do we do to manage and protect that data effectively?

From the STORServer point of view, it’s pretty simple. Data has to be protected through archiving, backups and recovery, and data backups have to happen seamlessly, especially for large businesses or organizations. Now more than ever, data backups are incredibly important, and, two years into the future, they’ll be even more important than they are today!

As your data amounts grow, your data infrastructure has to be able to scale and grow with you. STORServer appliances are designed to grow gracefully over time, being able to handle multiple generations of backup storage devices simultaneously.  We’ve had customers using multiple generations of tape drives, and multiple generations of disk controllers and disk storage, all attached to the same appliance.  Of course, at some point, older hardware does become obsolete, but it’s an almost trivial exercise to move the data from one generation of storage device to the next.

You won’t have to look at your STORServer like some old phone waiting for an upgrade. Your STORServer stays fresh and keeps up with all the huge increments your data makes.

It’s that simple! Is it time for your STORServer to upgrade and flex better to your system? Contact us today.

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