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What Makes a Great Backup System

Any good IT department understands the importance of backup and has some system or process in place to ensure data protection. However, many of them are trapped in “silo thinking,” where the overriding objective of the backup system is to create backups, but productivity or user friendliness are low priorities. A great backup system for the 21st Century will now take the user’s interaction into account.

What Makes a Great Backup SystemSimply focusing on functionality can be a big mistake. Not only does functional create resistance from the staff, the intrusion these processes and requirements causes may derail the entire productivity of the business. A recent Ponemon study found out that 51% of employees actually disengaged the backup solution as it was intruding into their ability to work. A common example is when companies opt for cloud backups; loading files to the cloud for the first time can be very time consuming. A system that offers FTP transfers or seeding devices as a workaround would make the life of the end user a whole lot easier.

The best backup systems are seamless, integrated, and as automated as possible. They incorporate bandwidth and CPU throttling capabilities, WAN optimization and efficient deduplication to offer a nonintrusive experience for the end user. The success of the IT department no longer rests on its ability to control corporate data; it now rests on improving productivity while maintaining control over the corporate data. With 49% of the employees not bothering to backup data and 41% of employees having no clue about their company’s data protection policies, these state-of-the-art backup systems that function on autopilot are actually a necessity rather than a high-end luxury.

Side by side, the best backup solutions leverage the latest technology in order to further boost productivity. For instance, an option to self-restore data empowers the end user and frees IT from workload. An Appliance implementation of data protection from STORServer provides users with easy to use access tools for their backups. These tools keep them active in their backup and archives, assuring that company information remains protected.

Truly great backup systems go beyond this and integrate themselves to the wider secure file sharing, network security, data loss prevention tools and analytics systems. A Ponemon Institute study quantified that an enterprise saves about $8,100 per user each year when a business adopts a solution that “integrates endpoint backup, secure file sharing, data loss prevention and analytics”.

STORServer is a leading data protection provider, offering fully integrated, cross-platform data backup solutions, scalable and customizable to your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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