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5 Reasons to Opt for an Integrated and Comprehensive Backup Solution

5 Reasons to Opt for an Integrated and Comprehensive Backup Solution

In our experience, some companies overlook backup appliances as a viable option because they think it will be more work in the long-run. But this is just one of the common misconceptions about backup appliances, and we’re here to show you how you can save time, money and your sanity by utilizing them in your business.

When thinking about this, there are a couple of key questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Is your solution scalable with your business?
  • Is your current set up as automated as possible to reduce the chance of human error?
  • Do you have a defined processed instead of an ad hoc one?

5 Reasons to Opt for an Integrated and Comprehensive Backup SolutionIf you answered yes to most of these, then you are in good shape. If you answered no or “I don’t know,” however, you need to take a good, hard look at your current infrastructure.

The lack of a comprehensive backup solution poses a couple of key challenges for your enterprise. Here are 5 reasons to opt for an integrated and comprehensive backup solution.

1. When backups became haphazard, or even infrequent, there is a big risk of the backed up version being too old to be of any use. The loss of the most recent records can cause legal issues, disrupt relationships with customers or clients and can even cause confusion internally, not to mention customer dissatisfaction.

2. Backups are not just related to data alone and to capture everything necessary to health of your data, including configurations, system health and more, it requires a comprehensive system. For instance, in a virtualized environment, it is a good idea to have a clear picture of all the configurations in place. This is time-consuming and complex even with basic systems, and, without a comprehensive system in place, the health and security of your data could be at risk.

3. Without a comprehensive and integrated backup solution, you run the risk of gaps in the backup process, meaning that certain critical data may never be backed up, and energy and resources may be spent on duplicating the backup of some data, or backing up irrelevant or unnecessary data.

4.  The other components of managing data, including data archival, disaster recovery and data protection, remain virtually ignored or maintained incorrectly without an integrated backup solution. Even worse, these could be limited to localized ad hoc processes.These components are just as important as backups, and neglect in these areas can also lead to big-time data loss or corruption of data.

5. Only a comprehensive and integrated system that automates key tasks can make your system administrator’s life easier so they can focus on what they really need to. Manual and ad hoc tasks are time-consuming and resource-hogging, and, in today’s highly competitive world, time costs money and the time it takes to complete core functions needs to be decreased.

The STORServer Enterprise Backup Appliance is ranked the best comprehensive backup, archive and disaster recovery solution available in the marketplace by DCIG, It is a fully integrated and intuitive solution that comes with industry-leading hardware and robust data protection technology. It is customizable, built to specifications to meet the user’s current data protection demands and flexible and scalable to cater to future needs.

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