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Ferris Bueller’s Take on Data Growth

Ferris Bueller’s Take on Data Growth

I ran across a shocking statement the other day that caught my eye.

“60 percent of CIOs say data will outpace storage solutions in 12 months.”

This statement made me think, so naturally I went to paraphrase the 80’s movie, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, “Data grows pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

Ferris Bueller’s Take on Data Growth 1

Data Rules

A few factoids I keep in my head as evidence of this are the first Apollo space flight and my smart phone.  The very first Apollo space flight had 16KB of storage in it.  I can’t even think of any file, document or the like that is even measured in kilobytes; nowadays at a minimum items are measured in megabytes.

The second is my trusted smart phone.  My first smart phone had 4GB of storage, the second one 8GB, the next 16GB and my current one has 32GB.  I get a new smart phone about every three years.  The fact that the storage size of my smart phone doubles every three years is proof positive for another statement I recently read, that “Data doubles in size every three years.”

Combining these two statements of “data will outpace storage solutions” and “data doubles every three years” leads me to believe the following.

Best practices around data storage and managing data growth are very important.  We only have a finite amount of storage available to us at any given point of time.

  1. Stay ahead of your storage needs.  Just like you regularly buy food so you don’t go hungry, you need to be periodically buying storage.  At a minimum your storage infrastructure needs to be flexible enough to accommodate storage growth and expansion needs of your organization.
  2. Set smart retention policies.  Evaluate how long do you need to keep your data and select the right medium for  retention of your data.  Tape, hard drives, and solid state drives all serve a purpose with an organizations storage needs.
  3. Deduplication is your friend.  Take advantage of the storage savings deduplication and other compression techniques offer.  You can increase operational efficiency, reduce the amount of capacity you consume and also optimize your network resources as your business grows.

After all, storage is money and data growth moves pretty fast.  So take Ferris Bueller’s advice and “Stop, look around. Data grows pretty fast, don’t miss it.”

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