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STORServer White Papers

STORServer boasts some of the industry’s leading backup, archive, and disaster recovery experts. Our white papers allow us to share industry insights and our own expertise on important data protection issues.

Some white papers share brand-neutral information to assist you when researching data protection solutions for your business or personal needs. Others provide more detailed information about STORServer product features, and are intended for both existing and future customers.

The following STORServer white papers are available:

Viability of an
Enterprise Backup Appliance

Learn about why a backup appliance is a viable data protection option for your enterprise, including the five features of this data protection solution you can’t be without.


Protecting vCenter Server
with STORServer VMB

Learn about how to protect and restore your VMware vCenter Server with STORServer Virtual Machine Backup (VMB).


The Guide to Backup
Appliance Technology

Learn about backup appliance technology and why it is a viable option for your business' data backup and recovery.


What is a STORServer
Backup Appliance?

Learn about the full scope and functionality of a STORServer Backup Appliance in this white paper.


The STORServer Backup
Appliance Disaster Recovery Manager

Learn how to use our Disaster Recovery Manager to plan effectively in this white paper.


Data Encryption Technology -

Download this white paper to learn about IBM encryption technology and why it is important for your data.

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