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DCIG 2012 Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide

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DCIG Releases Inaugural DCIG 2012 Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide

This month DCIG is pleased to announce the release of its inaugural DCIG 2012 Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide that weights, scores and ranks over 80 features on more than 60 different backup appliances from 13 different storage providers. This Buyer’s Guide addresses the growing demand that organizations of all sizes have for purpose built backup appliances that are specifically designed and tuned to protect consolidated physical and virtual IT infrastructures.

Backup appliances provide organizations the “silver bullet” that many seek in the form of a bundled data protection solution. This solution, when appropriately chosen, enables them to quickly, easily and confidently implement it so they may then proceed to bringing and keeping backup and recovery in their environment under control.

Equally important, backup appliances should negate the need of IT administrators having to become experts in backup software and its underlying hardware. Now their buying decision becomes theoretically as easy as looking up what backup appliance solutions are available and then picking one that best matches their particular needs.

This DCIG 2012 Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide should help organizations quickly ascertain what backup appliances are on the market, what features they possess and then expedite their decision making and buying process.

The DCIG 2012 Backup Appliance top ten products include (in alphabetical order): RackTop EBR-FE, Symantec NetBackup 5220 Backup Appliance, Symantec Backup Exec 3600 Appliance, STORServer Enterprise Backup Appliance 800, 1100, 2100 and 3100, and Unitrends Recovery-822, 823 and 833.

One new aspect of this Buyer’s Guide is that DCIG introduced a new ranking of “Enterprise.” In addition to its usually high mark of “Recommended,” DCIG chose to highlight how the STORServer EBA 3100 clearly stood out above and beyond other competitive offerings. Products also noted as Recommended include: Symantec NetBackup 5220 Backup Appliance and the STORServer EBA 2100, 1100 and 800 models.

The DCIG 2012 Backup Appliance Buyer’s Guide is available immediately and may be downloaded for no charge by requesting it HERE.


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