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Dell + EMC = Consolidation Madness

Dell + EMC = Consolidation Madness


The biggest news in the tech world recently was the Dell buyout of EMC. Any time there is a merger between two major corporations one area of repercussion is where product overlap exists between them. When two companies attempt to combine the same or similar sets of products and services, customers may suffer.

This makes perfect sense when we think about the process of a merger. It is difficult, if not impossible, to combine sales, marketing and product development for products that were previously in competition. Previous mergers and consolidations can further complicate the process.

‘Not So Consolidated’ Solutions

Dell and EMC each have multiple data backup and recovery software solutions. EMC brings Avamar and Networker to the table −unique point products with separate support and development. Despite EMC purchasing Networker in 2003 and Avamar in 2007, these products are still not integrated and many customers would require both to accomplish their data protection goals. Similarly, Dell has their suite of NetVault, V-Ranger and AppAssure. These are also separate and distinct products that have their own teams for support and development. Both Dell and EMC have failed to consolidate any of these products into a single offering with one GUI, one support staff and one pricing model, despite years of being under the same brand.

Buyers Beware!

Dell will now sell all five products – Avamar, Networker, NetVault, AppAssure and V-Ranger – which will come with five different customer loyalties, expectations and concerns. Short-term, Dell will probably continue availability for all their customers. The sales teams for each product suite will smile while telling their customers to rest assured in the future viability of their investment. Buyers beware! It is no secret Dell may need to cut, consolidate and quit on some, if not several, of these products.

As a customer you must protect yourself by asking the following questions:

  • What happens if you pick the wrong product or combination of products?
  • What happens to the time and resources you dedicated to rolling out, administrating and supporting the losing product(s)?
  • How will you migrate your data from one solution to another?
  • How large of a support organization will Dell maintain for each these products going forward?
  • How much of an investment will Dell place into creating fixes, patches and upgrades for each product line?

A Simple Solution

If the risk of making the wrong product choice with Dell and getting locked into a dying technology doesn’t work for your organization, consider the STORServer line of Data Protection Appliances. With 20 years of data protection expertise, STORServer guides our customers through the ever-changing IT landscape. By purchasing a STORServer appliance, you simplify the installation, administration and support of your data protection environment allowing your staff to focus on other areas of IT. Every STORServer appliance is installed by an on-site STORServer Support Engineer in 1 to 3 days. Every STORServer appliance is managed through a single GUI in under 30 minutes a day. Every STORServer support ticket is answered directly by an engineer with over 10 years of experience who is based in the US.

Don’t gamble with your data on an uncertain hodgepodge of Dell products. Invest in a time tested and proven data protection solution from STORServer.

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