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DCIG Interview Series with Bill Smoldt, CEO of STORServer

DCIG Interview series with Bill SmoldtData protection and storage is an important issue businesses can’t ignore. However, we find prospects or clients don’t always know what they need in order to have a fully functional backup mechanism in place. Furthermore, they don’t always feel confident that all of their data is backed up. In this DCIG interview series, our CEO, Bill Smoldt, discusses some important topics businesses need to consider when implementing a backup solution or appliance. Read the first three parts of the DCIG interview series here:

A fourth installment will be available on the DCIG website and our site later this week.

For more information on backup appliance technology, download STORServer’s Backup Appliance Technology white paper here. If you’re looking for some guidance on what backup appliance solution best fits your backup environment and business goals, use our STORServer Appliance Wizard.


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