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In data recovery, why you need a plan “B” and to think of employees as family

In data recovery, why you need a plan “B” and to think of employees as family

Throughout the past week, I’ve spent a lot of time reading Disaster Recovery Journal. I’ve come to the conclusion that there is an entire culture centralized on recovering data in the case of emergency. There seems to be one very important thing missing in this culture…you.

Let’s say you are responsible for setting up the recovery plan for your company, and it’s your job to plan for the worse. You have a STORServer Backup Appliance protecting your environment, so you’re confident your data is safe and stored offsite in a vault.

Then, the worst happens. A storm hits that completely devastates the area. Case in point, Hurricane Sandy. Now what?

You call your vault, tell them to ship the tapes to your failover site and get started on your DR plan. You have a small team travel to the new site and start recovering your data. 

Now, let’s say that I’m your administrator. I live in the same city with my wife and kids. I love my job with your company, and I even love you as a boss. When the storm hits, do you think for a second that I care one bit about the data? Absolutely not. I care about my family, home and life. My only real job is to protect them and ensure their safety.

That cold, harsh truth should mean two things to you: Have a plan “B,” and think of your employees as family.

Plan “B”

You need someone you can call to recover the systems who doesn’t work in the same area as your business, because there’s a chance none of us will be able to travel. In the last two major storms, there was no way to leave the cities for almost a week after the storms hit. 

Having a contractor or another employee who can recover the systems is not only smart, but mandatory. I could quit. I could die. If your data is as important as you say it is, you don’t want me or my team as a single point of failure.

There are companies, like STORServer, you can contract with that have employees all around the U.S. to help recover your systems. You may never need them, but if you do, you know you have that safety net.

Employees are family

If you treat me as family and understand my need to protect my family, you will see a new dimension to your DR planning. You will talk to me about being prepared for a disaster at home. You will tell me I can take my family with me when I recover the systems. I’m not asking you to pay for anything, but I’m asking you to understand that my job is exactly that…a job. My family always comes first.

All that said, planning to recover the machines is only part of the puzzle. You have to protect the lives of your employees. In the event of a true disaster, they are the ones who really make your company work. The data is important, but the employees and their families are far more important.

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