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Data Recovery for the Serious CIO (Guaranteed Data Recovery)

Let’s get serious about data recovery. When a mid-market CIO (or, the CTO, COO or even CEO) sets goals for recovery in the IT department, does he or she really expect managers and operators to recover data every single time?

I don’t think they do, but I do think they want to! They don’t expect it because they don’t believe their staff will be able to successfully recover “every single time” the databases, financial files, architectural projects, 24-year-old records, 24-hour-old records or anything sitting on most of their executive team’s laptops.

When CIOs review proposals for backup, archive and disaster recovery solutions, they compare each proposal with a pre-destined look of chagrin. They know that most, if not all, of the solutions they review will not give him/her the recovery he/she wants. Backup, you bet. Price discounts, surely. Promises not written down, absolutely. Recovery, not so much.

To be fair, most solutions sell backup, archive and copies of those in a remote disaster recovery facility. They seldom mention recovery at all. So, the CIO’s predisposition for expected limits on assured recovery are built upon his or her experience with failures in the backup side of the equation. The daily work to simply make proper copies of everything the CIO wants saved continuously falls short.

That is, the CIO who buys backup and gets pretty good backup knows the backups will probably fail.  He cannot imagine with assurance that he can recover or restore from the backups. If the backups don’t work all the time, then how the heck could he ever depend on recovery of the backed up data all the time?

The desire for recovery has been hijacked by the purchase of backup and archive. Corporate purchases of data protection solutions only discuss the reliability of getting the backups done. How do I know?

Ask any CIO if they can guarantee that their data protection system will be able to recover lost files, corrupted databases, decade-old archives and company-wide user files and data “every single time.” Every single CIO will say no. Notice, I prompted the protection expectation with a “guarantee.”

If this is true, then how can STORServer be so bold as to offer a guarantee that its data protection solutions will recover all the data backed up and archived in its appliance solutions?

Three things: an appliance implementation of data protection, a policy-based operation of all the data protection functions (backup, archive and disaster recovery copies of both backup and archive) and a diagnostic and break/fix support and maintenance program that historically doesn’t lose data.

A number of CIO or other C-level folks responsible for setting a corporate set of objectives to meet recovery requirements will want to know how the heck STORServer can finally give them what they want.

Another number of C-level executives cannot imagine that such a thing is possible.

Make no mistake, beginning on February 1, 2013, CIOs will begin telling their boards and expecting from their staff that they will be able to recover their data every single time.

STORServer has decided to insure what they’ve already been doing and raise the game a notch with its new set of appliance offerings by putting a data recovery guarantee on its BA and EBA product lines.

Now we’re talking serious, aren’t we?


By John Pearring, manager of sales and marketing for STORServer. As STORServer’s president from 1995 to 2008, he built the original OEM alliances and the original e-business infrastructure for the company. https://www.storserver.com

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