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Data Protection Solutions for Educational Institutions

Ensuring fast and efficient data protection, replication and disaster recovery of critical applications is a challenge facing educational institutions of all sizes. As data continues to grow and the requirements to secure that data (course materials, transcripts, research and student data as well as financial information) become more complex, the job becomes even more daunting.

Colleges, universities, private schools and school districts are faced with numerous backup and disaster recovery challenges including:

  • Rapidly growing application data
  • Continuous threat of hacking and cyber attacks
  • Limited IT budgets and staffing
  • Slow and unreliable recovery from aging IT infrastructure
  • Aging infrastructure
  • Increased use of virtualization
  • Implementing and maintaining replication to the cloud or remote data center

STORServer provides an appliance solution that’s priced affordably for educational institutions of all sizes, providing extremely fast, application-aware backup, replication and disaster recovery in minutes for mission critical application servers.

Streamlining data protection

STORServer’s approach to data protection provides an easy to use interface that simplifies IT data protection for heterogeneous environments including Windows, UNIX, Linux, VMware, IBM, Oracle and more.  The solution provides the hardware, software and support so IT staff can re-focus on other business critical tasks

It’s about recovery

With on-site, off-site and cloud-based solutions, we provide schools with a rock-solid approach for managing and replicating backups for off-site disaster recovery, ensuring business continuity and a rapid return to operations.

Meet compliance requirements

Educational institutions can pass compliance audits seamlessly as the STORServer solution—coupled with integrated data encryption—is the cornerstone that will help users to comply with HIPAA, FERPA, FTC and numerous other state security regulations.

Sample our Case Studies for Education

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