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Data Protection and Recovery – A Unified Approach

Do you have different products to protect different types of data or different systems? If so, you need to start thinking about standardizing on a single product.  Think of all the time, training and resources you would save.

Unified recovery management (URM) brings under one user interface the ability to manage data protection throughout the business, supporting different applications and types of data on different operating systems in different locations and with different policies and backup requirements. From a single point, administrators can manage multiple data protection and recovery tools, including diverse solutions that are dedicated to different tasks. It helps eliminate the costs and complexities associated with deploying and managing multiple point solutions.

When looking for a company that provides data protection, look for one that simplifies and streamlines storage management, helping organizations control both the risks and costs of data protection and recovery. With fewer “moving parts” for managing the various solutions in operation, administrators can ensure faster, more reliable backup and recovery processes. The solution also provides built-in replication for highly available disaster recovery, helping to reduce downtime and the business costs that can result. These process improvements contribute to higher levels of service, making it easier for organizations to meet service level agreements.

The ability for a single person with very limited knowledge to manage an entire businesses’ data protection solution is important. With a unified approach you gain the ability for your IT staff to be nimble and forward thinking. No longer are they in “reactive mode,” but they start to exist in “proactive mode.”

This is important because it saves you time and money. Think about it!

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