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Data Center Journal: The 5 Most Prominent Advantages of Backup Appliances

Data Center Journal: The 5 Most Prominent Advantages of Backup Appliances

This article was originally published on Data Center Journal. www.datacenterjournal.com. 

Backup processes are complicated and involve several crucial details. The absence of even a single aspect can lead to serious disasters. Considering these intricacies, the most viable solution for businesses today may be the backup appliance: a one-stop solution that takes care of all the details and provides dependability along with ease of operation.

A backup appliance provides several advantages to a business. We’ve identified the five most prominent benefits from a long list that the end user enjoys, thus making backup appliances one of the most successful data solutions today.

  1. Data Center Journal: The 5 Most Prominent Advantages of Backup AppliancesThe range of solutions: Backup appliances offer a range of solutions that businesses can choose from, depending on their budget and requirements. Enterprise, entry-level, virtual, hybrid and cloud are some of the popular appliances that cater to all sizes of enterprises, taking care of their data backup and recovery needs without requiring a huge budget.
  2. The range of storage options: These appliances offer a wide range of storage options as well, from disks and tape to cloud. These can, of course, be tweaked specifically for the business needs to offer enhanced stability.
  3. Warranty enabled by stability: Optimally integrated backup appliances offer a stability factor matched by no other storage option in the data world. This enables service providers to offer a warranty on their data storage and recovery promises, which is a great benefit for every business.
  4. Ready and comprehensive support: Customer support is a large focus of the backup appliance industry. It can be a beneficial experience for the business as well as the service provider due to easy investigations and fixes, as well as remote monitoring capabilities that allow regular and frequent checks. Since the appliance support is generally handled by a single provider, the resolutions are faster and easier, too.
  5. Quick and easy: Whether it is the installation or use, backup appliances offer quick and easy ways to get things done; backup appliances offer customized solutions with multiple options and easy functionality that make it easy for you to understand and operate.

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