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Why Data Backup is More Than Just Deduplication

Data is one aspect of a business that will never go out of style or cease to be important. Therefore, finding the best solution to store this data in the most efficient manner possible is critical. While data deduplication is an indispensable part of the backup and storage process, here’s why a truly comprehensive data backup and recovery solution is more than just this function. After all, how could such an important element of data management rely on one factor alone?

Why Data Backup is More Than Just DeduplicationThe importance of deduplication can never be undervalued. Detection of a duplicate chunks of data is made possible by deduplication and it works well when deduplicating algorithms are present in the organization. With the growing amount of data, adding data deduplication to the mix allows existing resources to be utilized more effectively. It certainly allows appliances to store more data, thus allowing organization to optimize the use of their resources and gain the maximum traction out of them. This results in reduction of costs, time and, of course, space required to back up the available data.

Backup appliances, however, offer solutions that have more to do than just deduplication. Replication is an important constituent of a backup process and allows data to be replicated between appliances. The cloud can be thrown into the equation as replication onto a public or private cloud. Another essential incentive offered by the use of appliances is instant recovery. The right backup appliances allow customers to access a virtual machine, which can be accessed while it is still on the backup machine. Another option is to mount a disk or volume right out of the appliance, a process that allows complete use of the device.

At the end of it all, to duplicate or not to duplicate depends on various circumstances and a business should decide whether the investment will truly save proportional time and space.

At STORServer, we ensure that every backup appliance solution we offer suits your business in every way – cost, time, space and efficiency. Contact us for a comprehensive answer to your data backup and recovery requirements.

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