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Data Backup and Recovery – Monkey See, Monkey do! (Backup, Archive and Disaster Recovery)

When I see my children playing in the front yard, I always see little parts of me. I see my mannerisms and my sayings and my bad habits in everything they do. Of course I tell them, “Don’t do what I do, do what I say.” Well that never works.

Data Backup and Recovery - Monkey See, Monkey do! (Backup, Archive and Disaster Recovery) 3There are some that say that mimicking is one of the finest forms of flattery. When it comes to my kids that may be nice but they key into the things I do not want them to mimic. When it comes to data backup and recovery it seem like everyone is saying the same thing.

“We can backup your data, we can do it fast, and we can recover everything. ” “We can do that and we cost less.” Right….. And pigs can fly. Most people just take those statements as fact. It is like the vendor is a doctor but you have to remember they are trying to sell you something.

I work for a living too and STORServer is also trying to sell you something. But not by comparing “us” to “them” but rather on facts and real life application. STORServer’s base mission to to do business in a honest and truthful manner which cannot be said for all vendors out there in the marketplace.

Yes, I know, is seems like I have “a bee in my bonnet” as my mom used to say. That is true. I do.

A vendor told one of my customers they could get a de-duplication ratio of over 500%. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Needless to say the solution did not do what they said it would do and now they are having to buy a new solution. They have had to spend two times the money and spend twice time getting the solution they actually need.

So why am I writing this? Do not go out and believe everything they say. Make them show it. Heck, Make me show it. If I tell you that I can do something, make me show you a case study or a reference customer that is actually doing what I said.

I am only asking you to find the truth and not follow the child like mimics that are out there today.


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