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Why Backup Appliances are the Right Data Protection Solution

Continual success in business is all about cutting costs and saving where you can. Accomplishing this without compromising the safety, continuity and reputation of your business is a crucial part of this as well. With the wide variety of solutions that are available to all businesses today, it can be hard to know what is …

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STORServer’s Appliances – Protecting the Education System

The education system, whether private or public, local or university, relies upon cost-effective and successfully implemented IT functions. The mission of education needs to focus on tomorrow’s future leaders, thinkers, philosophers, and environmental game-changers. Our workforces will come from the schools and universities that are handling the important responsibility of nurturing our future generations. But are …

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Simplify The Five Steps of Disaster Recovery Planning

Many organizations mistake data backup and recovery as simply making a copy of their hard drive or server to an alternative location on a periodic basis. A proper data recovery plan that ensures continuity of business operations is more complex than that. Because such attention is time-consuming and requires careful systematic planning, most folks don’t get …

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Protecting and Recovering Your Biggest Asset: Data

Assets take many forms. In the past, examples of assets included accounts receivable or equipment. In the last decade, companies have considered their physical and digital infrastructure as assets as well. But what’s hosted in the physical and digital infrastructure has proven to be a competitive advantage for every company: data. In today’s information age, data …

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Your Preliminary Checklist for Designing a Robust Contingency Plan

Data forms the foundation of every modern business and the loss of data is damaging — whether that data is temporary or permanent. The presence of the right backup plan, however, will help you minimize this damage or even evade it altogether. Once you have identified this as a priority for your business, take the next …

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Protect Your Business from These Top 3 Disaster Recovery Strategy Mistakes

A disaster recovery strategy has the potential to save your business from an entire list of catastrophes, ranging from natural disasters to sabotage. One would think that a business strategy of such serious value would be among the first priorities for organizations. Yet, one look at the latest industry reports tells us that this is not always the …

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3 Commonly Overlooked Factors In Your Data Recovery Plan

The importance of designing a data recovery plan to recover from contingencies and mishaps that lead to data loss can never be understated. Data is now both the lifeblood and a competitive advantage for most businesses, and a lack of coherent systems and infrastructure to recover from data loss have literally run many companies to the …

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Four Tips for Implementing a Workable and Effective Data Recovery Plan

Data recovery is not a straightforward matter of simply running data recovery software on a backup appliance. Implementing a practical data recovery system that works and is affordable requires adherence to certain time-tested strategies. Here are four tips for implementing a workable and effective data recovery plan. 1. Expect the best and prepare for the worst. …

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How to Protect Your Small Business from Data Recovery Disaster

As a small business owner, you have plenty of things on your mind, and I bet data recovery might not always make that list. While large businesses have a wide range of resources at hand to make sure their business is handled efficiently, smaller businesses, on the other hand, have to get by on limited resources. …

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