Data Protection – Phishing and Ransomware

How do I protect my company from data loss from phishing and ransomware attacks?   It was just an email… James from accounting receives an email from Sue downstairs in payroll. She asks him to “Make sure these financials look okay before submitting. See the file attachment (”. It looks odd, and something sounded a …

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Disaster Recovery Using the TSM Disaster Recovery Plan File

Disaster struck! What do I do now? First, don’t worry! STORServer has your back. Each day, your STORServer backup appliance runs an administrative schedule that creates the components that you will need to restore your data in the event of a disaster. These include: A backup copy of your primary storage pools A backup copy …

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Let’s Get Organized!

Organize the closets, the garage, and the kitchen cabinets? No, we are organizing the DB2 database on the STORServer backup appliance. Upgrade to TSM server V7.1 or higher to take advantage of the most advanced features of DB2 reorganization. If a table requires reorganization, you will see the following message ANR3497W, “Reorganization is required”. This warning …

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