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Security Mutual

Case Study


STORServer Console (SSC) eases the workload for Security Mutual Life in an existing Tivoli environment.

The Challenge:

As a financial services organization, bound by regulations and auditing requirements, SML is challenged with preserving certain data for indefinite periods of time.

“This by far is the greatest business driven challenge we face in respect to our backup strategy,” explains Christopher Walsh, Senior Network Engineer for SML. “On a technical perspective, we must continually scale our backup infrastructure, as well as plan, implement and test our disaster recovery plan.”

SML implemented IBM® Tivoli® Storage Manager (TSM) as the enterprise solution for backup, archive and disaster recovery. Tivoli was selected for it’s diverse functionality, in addition to the strong reputation of IBM.

Once implemented, network engineers at SML discovered the Tivoli solution required a considerable amount of time to manage. Three years later, they were introduced to STORServer and STORServer Console, an application that layers on top of TSM to increase its functionality and ease-of-use.

The Solution:

“We needed a solution which would automate the daily tasks required of our operations personnel,” said Walsh. “STORServer allowed our staff to not only easily manipulate the Tivoli Storage system, but automate many of the manual tasks.”

STORServer Console allows users to see when tasks are completed, taking the guesswork out of task scheduling. It uses a Windows GUI for configuring and scheduling tasks. In addition, full software control has been given to the user and tasks can be run on demand.

STORServer’s relationship with Microsoft as a Platinum OEM is also a benefit for SML, since they are an exclusively Microsoft shop.

After an Authorized STORServer Reseller performed a disaster recovery plan audit at SML, STORServer Console was implemented.

“I was amazed at how easy and fast the implementation was,” said Walsh. “The consultant not only installed the application, but tailored it to our specific environment. This included help with distributing and configuring the viewers, and training administrators on proper usage. Overall it was above and beyond what I would have expected from any implementation.”

As for support, SLM has only had one minor issue. Reports Walsh, “We made a call to support and the problem was rectified within an hour.”


“Time saved is an understatement,” said Walsh. “Time saved, which equals money saved.”

Prior to implementing STORServer Console, operations personnel at SML were required to manually check on tasks, run procedures, and monitor all processes in order to meet established disaster recovery guidelines.

After implementing the STORServer solution, these tasks were automated with little to no intervention required.

“We are extremely satisfied with the implementation and functionality of the software -” reports Walsh, “the flexibility, automation and our level of support.”

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