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Case Study


Executive Summary

  • Company: Denso Products and Services Americas, Inc.
  • Industry: Retail
  • Employees: 400 (2013)

Business Challenges:

  • Manual backup management
  • Capacity constraints

STORServer Solutions:

  • Tivoli Storage Manager with STORServer Console
  • Enterprise Backup Appliance

STORServer simplifies Tivoli Storage Manager for DENSO Products and Services Americas, Inc., ensures successful backups and restores

Out of Long Beach, Calif., DENSO Products and Services Americas, Inc. (DPAM), a subsidiary of DENSO Group Companies, is an automotive components sales and distribution company supplying parts for original equipment service dealers and independent aftermarket service centers and retailers.

Simplifying Backup with a Powerful, Flexible Appliance

The Challenge:

Once IBM® Tivoli® Storage Manager (TSM) was installed, DPAM soon realized it would need a way to simplify the backup application. While TSM is one of the most stable and scalable products for backup today, it also has a reputation for being too complex and hard to use.

The Solution:

In its research, DPAM came across the STORServer Backup Appliance, which offers an interface and appliance package for customers to simplify and automate complex functions of TSM without giving up technological features. TSM with the appliance as the interface provides a complete backup, restore and disaster recovery solution for DPAM.

When the company made the official decision to install the STORServer Backup Appliance in 1999, the goal was three-fold: 1) to ensure data integrity, 2) to guarantee that all backed up data could be restored, and 3) to have a disaster recovery plan in case something happened to the network system locally. These combined objectives pointed to STORServer as the solution they needed.

“While robust, TSM is not intuitive or easy to use for the average IT manager,” said Stamps. “But, STORServer has the expertise to make TSM a lot more attractive from an administrative standpoint. The user doesn’t have to be an expert to use the appliance or associated software.”


Through its backup appliances, STORServer offers automated administration and improved uptime through an innovative support approach. The appliance is a comprehensive and fully integrated backup, archive and disaster recovery solution in a single, easy-to-use configuration of hardware and software technologies.

“Users save time with the appliance because they can offload the daily operations to a junior level administrator and free up senior IT managers so they can focus on other tasks,” said Stamps. “Operating the system becomes a matter of rotating tapes, pulling those tapes and performing backup operations like any other system would require. The daily reports notify users if anything out of the norm happens with the backups and saves a tremendous amount of time on having to investigate problems.”

Stamps appreciates the fact that the STORServer solution has been scalable to grow alongside DPAM’s enterprise. The company performed an update to the appliance in 2004 followed by another more recent update in July 2012. Stamps, who was a part of both upgrades, worked with DPAM’s backup administrator along with STORServer to map out the upgrade path for the backup appliance technology in 2004. DPAM needed bigger, better hardware to run TSM on. The system was in place for more than five years and was out of life from the previous installation. Stamps determined the company needed to go with something that could exponentially increase the size of the data that was maintained.

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