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Cooley Dickinson

Case Study


Healthcare Provider Seeks Integrated Data Backup and Recovery System; Minimizes Unplanned Downtime

Cooley Dickinson Hospital is nationally recognized as a top-performing hospital. As with all healthcare providers, Cooley Dickinson has zero tolerance for unplanned down time. The hospital requires around-the-clock access to all systems in order to provide the best patient care possible.

The Challenge:

In addition to the concern around data accessibility, the 140-bed facility has several remote locations that require data protection. The search began to find a fast and reliable solution that could be centrally managed and support multiple platforms.

“Aging tape drives were challenging to maintain and it became clear that dedicating individual tape drives to each system was no longer a supportable model,” said Kipling Morris, manager of systems engineering for Cooley Dickinson.

Morris was challenged by the ever-increasing costs for tape hardware, media and the licensing required for running multiple systems and clients. Mindful of the constant learning curve associated with deploying multiple disparate backup systems, he began searching for something simple, a technology that could be easily delegated to front-line IT staff.

The Solution:

In 2002, Morris found what he was looking for in the STORServer Enterprise Backup Appliance. Not only did he get reliable, centralized backup and restore, but his backup window was significantly reduced by the appliance’s “incremental forever” technology, which after the initial full backup, records changed data only.

The original appliance solution was built to specifications that not only met Cooley Dickinson’s data protection at the time, but was also scalable to meet future requirements, like Virtual Machine Backup, later added to Cooley Dickinson’s backup environment.


Now Cooley Dickinson uses STORServer® Virtual Machine Backup to centrally manage all virtual machines and associated backup clients.

“VMB allows us to maintain a homogenous backup strategy,” said Morris. “With this approach, we’ve been able to quickly recover individual files, as well as whole systems,” said Morris. “We’re very satisfied with the results.”

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