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Calling all Commvault®-Dell™ appliance customers: Access or upgrade your system

In the wake of Dell™ ending sales of backup appliances powered byCommvault® Simpana®, STORServer is announcing three opportunities for Commvault®-Dell™ appliance customers to evaluate and/or upgrade their current systems risk-free and at a discount:

  • Calling all Commvault®-Dell™ appliance customers: Access or upgrade your systemFifty percent off a Health Check: Professionally certified consultants perform an onsite or remote assessment to see if the Dell™ system is running smoothly and if it can be reconfigured to function better. Health Checks require 1-2 days of services and are typically priced at $2,500 a day.
  • Free initial solution review and inventory: During a two-hour remote interview, STORServer will evaluate how well the Dell™ system is keeping up. This service is normally priced at $500.
  • Free software upgrade from Simpana 8 or 9 to version 10: As most current Dell™ systems are running on older versions of Simpana®, STORServer will upgrade the software for free to version 10 with the purchase of a new STORServer Commvault® Appliance. (Customers must still be in an active support contract with Commvault®)

In late 2013, Commvault® and STORServer launched a new series of Backup Appliances, Powered by Commvault®. STORServer currently sells five appliance models in the Commvault® Simpana® line – BA640, BA641, EBA802, EBA1202 and EBA2202.

To learn more visit or contact us today: https://www.storserver.com/about-us/contact-us/.


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