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Backup Appliance Takes Number One Spot

STORServer beat the likes of Commvault, EMC and Symantec winning first place in the new DCIG buyers guide to take 4 of the top 5 slots including the coveted #1 spot. The only other vendor to make the top five was Symantec but they did not receive the “Enterprise” tag that STORServer received. When asked, Jarrett Potts, Director of Strategic Marketing replied, “It is nice to be recognized for the technology we have and its ability to truly function better that any other storage management appliance in the world.”

While STORServer took the lion’s share of the top 5, it is worthy to note who is missing. While Symantec did take second there was no appearance of EMC or Commvault in the top 10. EMC Avemar did not even make the top 50.

In the Hardware rankings STORServer took all 5 top slots and 6 of the top 10 showing how the STORServer appliance series, which is built on IBM hardware, is truly the best of the best. Other industry leaders such as Symantec (8th) and EMC (37th) did not fare so well leaving little room for them to spin out of the bad rankings

Backup Appliance Takes Number One Spot 5The STORServer EBA 3100 took top spot with a 91.70. The scores show that the model that STORServer follows is viable and brings enterprise features, functions and service to small and medium companies.

With STORServer’s ability to treat all data like it is enterprise data and with appliances that are priced under $10,000 the real question is why is there not one of these systems in every small to medium business.

Backup Appliance Takes Number One Spot 6

STORServer also has something else that sets them apart from all the rest, they have a 30 money back guarantee which is unheard of in the IT industry.

STORServer is a suite of hardware and software products that delivers a broad range of storage management capabilities. These capabilities include backup, archive, recovery, space management, database and application protection, bare machine recovery, virtual machine management, and disaster recovery planning.

STORServer’s backup appliances are elegant, scalable, fully integrated backup, archive and disaster recovery platforms designed to meet your current needs and still grow with your business.

Our Backup Appliance can get you started within your budget with fast restores; a disk-based storage pool for convenience; and built-in configurations to maximize capacity. Simple to learn, easy to manage from one location, the STORServer Backup Appliance is an enterprise-wide solution that supports most OS, email and database platforms, all network connections (NAS, SAN, LAN, WAN) and hundreds of storage devices

If your environment needs a solution that has proven that it works, STORServer’s combination of hardware and software are a great fit.

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