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Enterprise Backup Appliance (EBA)

Enterprise Backup ApplianceSTORServer® Enterprise Backup Appliances are fully integrated, award winning solutions for backup, archive and disaster recovery. Each appliance includes certified hardware and software for comprehensive, easy-to-use backup. Appliances are scalable, enterprise-wide solutions that support many OS, email and database platforms, various network connections (NAS, SAN, LAN, WAN) and 100s of storage devices.

The STORServer Enterprise backup appliance series includes several base models, all capable of custom configuration to best suit your business and data requirements. Built with the best hardware and software available, our backup appliances stand up to their reputation as robust backup and recovery solutions.

Configuring the Enterprise Backup Appliance

STORServer Backup Appliance Solutions can be can be configured to run  IBM Spectrum® Protect, IBM® Spectrum® Protect Plus, or  Commvault® Software. To complement IBM Spectrum Protect, STORServer offers a customized suite of products to simplify administration and management, including STORServer® Console (SSC),  fully integrated with IBM Spectrum Protect to ensure the maximum data protection that IBM Spectrum Protect provides.

Many features and benefits are shared, but there are some specific differences. Before making your choice, be sure to work with your STORServer partner who can help you determine which choice may best suit your organization’s data protection and recovery needs.

IBM Spectrum Protect  Commvault Software
Incremental Backup & Data Deduplication

  • Uses Progressive Incremental Forever technology to minize the network requirements and storage resource utilization

Industry Compliant Archiving

  • Point-in-time copies of regulated data, WORM media available.
  • Full automation eliminates human error

STORServer Console (SSC) Operations Interface

  • STORServer Console reduces daily management to under 30 minutes regardless of the amount of data protected or number of appliances.
  • Hierarchical virtual storage pool technology reduces costs and improves performance.

Disaster Recovery Planning

  • Daily automated generation of a customized server DR plan.
Backup and Recovery Management

  • Intelligent backups and restores utilizing a revolutionary “One Pass” backup and restore strategy, where only new and used files are backed up.

Archive Management

  • Managed archives as a separate function from backup retention policies without transferring the data again.
  • Ability to easily protect and manage documents that need to be kept for a certain period of time.

Parallel Deduplication

  • Multiply your capacity, throughput, and resiliency by consolidating multiple deduplication nodes under a single global reference pool.

Commvault software deduplication benefits extend further across the enterprise and the cloud with 4th Generation Deduplication technology.

Additionally, STORServer offers excellent Support options to help you manage the enterprise backup appliance.  STORServer is also proud to offer certified backup administrator training to make sure your solution is complete.

Features and Benefits of Enterprise Backup Appliance

Features include:

  • Includes all of the necessary hardware and software for comprehensive data backup in a single appliance solution
  • Dozens of OS platforms, databases, email applications supported
  • SAN, NAS, LAN, WAN data transports
  • Centralized management
  • Single point of contact for training, warranty and support
  • Support for remote and branch offices
Benefits include:

  • Quick installation with initial backup starting on day one
  • Centralized, comprehensive management that is easy to use
  • Replication between multiple appliances or to a public cloud
  • Reduced network-bandwidth through intelligent data movement
  • Current full backup always immediately available for restore of a single file or an entire data center
  • Onsite installation by Support Engineer (SE) included with every model
  • Virtual Machine Backup Agent
Simplify with STORServer Software 

Simple consoles, great reporting, time saving features

STORServer Support and Consulting Services 

Complete your solution with STORServer Support

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