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Show Me The Money #1 – Archive with Delete (Backup, Archive and Disaster Recovery Best Practices)

In 1996 the movie Jerry Maguire came up with the line “show me the money” the fall back slogan for many people. What happens is that a sports agent has a moral epiphany and gets canned for expressing his ideas. He then stands with the only client that is willing to stick by him. In the end, both see the money and the movie itself was a huge success.

In the IT world, we keep hearing about Return on Investment and Total Cost of Ownership (ROI and TCO). Many people want to see an ROI analysis before they make any IT decision. What happens then? Does the customer actually see the results they were promised?

I would like to share 5 strategies you can do today which will save time and money and cost you NOTHING. Each is easy to do but most people do not do them. Let me “show you the money”.

First up is archiving. You may ask how archiving can help you save money or time, let me assure you, it can help more then you know. Lets first define what an archive really is. An archive is a separate copy of data that is kept for an extended period. In IT terms, it is not another backup, it is actually another copy of data that is kept for long periods of time. Lets look at how archiving saves time and money.

TIME: Archiving allows you to take a copy of data and keep it offsite for a long time. That in and of itself helps to future proof your IT environment. You are keeping data in a separate location other than where the main data is kept. This enables you to save time in the future, but what about right now.

According to some analysts, in 2013 we are generating the same amount of data every two days that was created by all of human history up until 10 years ago, which was roughly 5 billion gigabytes. More surprising, it is estimated that by next year, we will generate that much data every 10 minutes. Archiving can help you control this and do it for free. How? Simply put, there is a little known feature called ” archive with delete ” which is included in some of the advanced storage management tools. What this does is archive data then once it is written to the archive system, it is removed from the primary host. It is still available via a retrieve but it no longer sits on those expensive production disks.

Out of every 1TB about 40% of that data is inactive and has not been used, viewed, modified in the last 365 days. We know you need that data but why is it still on active disks. SO you run an archive with a delete. You move all old, stale data off to an archive system (MOVE Not copy) you free up 40% of your disk. Multiply across your entire infrastructure and your results could be staggering.

What this means is when you start doing backup and recovery or even disaster recovery, those processes will be 40% faster. Imagine if your IT guy said he could speed up restores by almost half. You would be shocked. It can be done, and you can do it today!

MONEY: The same is true for money. If you free up 40% of your disk space you extend the life of your existing resources by 40%. Instead of getting 3 years out of your disks, you will get 5. That is real savings.

Archiving is important but must business and IT shops do not do it when they should. Archiving is easy and something you have the power to do with your existing infrastructure. Spend a few hours planning and implementing and you will get a 40% savings on existing data storage.

As Jerry Maguire would say in the 1997 movie, “NOW……..who’s with me.”

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