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Amazon’s Cloud offering, Glacier, is a shell game!

Amazon’s Glacier costs so much more than they tell you.  They should call it ICEBERG

Amazon has a cloud offering to backup and recover your data for as low as $.01 per Gigabyte ($10.24 a TB) per month.  BUT that is only the tip of the iceberg.  Well, tip of the glacier actually.

Backup and recovery is really all about the recovery.  All the fancy backup in the world does not do you any good unless you can recover that data, quickly and easily.cloud-backupLet’s see what data backup and recovery actually costs with Amazon’s BaaS product.  Let’s make it simple and look at the numbers.

How much does it cost to backup 3 TB of data?

I am going to take 3 TB of data and use that as an example.  To backup 3TB of data (3072 GB) and store it in their cloud is pretty inexpensive.  To protect 3072 GB of data costs $30.72 per month (3072*$.01= $30.72). That comes to a grand total of $368.64 to store my 3 TB for the year.  NOT BAD

How much does it cost to recover 3 TB of data?

It’s not easy to calculate the hourly rate, as it seems to be based on how much data you want to recover in any given calendar month (or even day).

First, it needs to be said that they give you a percentage of your data back for free.  The Glacier web site says they will allow you to recover up to 5% of your data per month at no cost.  In our case that means 153 GB.

As long at you never need more then 5% of your data, you are all good!

Now comes the tricky part.  What if I need more then that?  Let’s just say I need it all.  Your system crashed, and you need to recover all of my data.

WARNING, here comes the rest of the iceberg/glacier.

The retrieval fee for 3TB could be as high as $22,087.68.  The FAQ on Amazon’s website states that any data over the free


5% is billed back to you at 719 times your monthly bill rate.  In our case our monthly bill rate was $30.72.  That means that if you want to recover your all of your data, your total would be $22,087.68.

Are you kidding me? Amazon’s web site states, “Amazon Glacier is an extremely low-cost, pay-as-you-go storage service that can cost as little as $0.01 per gigabyte per month.” At a whopping $7362 per TB to recover your data, visions of the Titanic should be running through your head.

Note:  All prices and service statements were retrieved from the Amazion Glacier FAQ (https://aws.amazon.com/glacier/faqs/) and the overview (https://aws.amazon.com/glacier/)

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