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STORServer Customer Testimonials

“The STORServer consultant was knowledgable and patient.”
– N. Dawood, Systems Administrator

“Thank you for the easy rollout!”
– Joe Rose III, Senior Network Engineer

“Midmarket users of backup appliances should be smiling…”
– David G. Hill, Principal

“…the easiest way to bring the power of IBM’s TSM software to the mid market.”
– Mike Karp, Ptak

“We are backing-up effortlessly every night”
– John F. Senior Systems Analyst

“I have no more sleepless nights worrying if our data is 100 percent safe.”
– Bill K. Computer Operations Manager

“We don’t worry about where the data is anymore…”
– Carl W. Technology Director

“I was amazed at how easy and fast the implementation was.”
– Chris W. Senior Network Engineer

“The restores are the fastest and the easiest ever.”
– Susie V. Computer Software Engineer

“The solution saves us time and is very easy to use.”
– Julie N. Information Technology Manager

“We have reduced our backup window significantly.”
– Reave C. Backup System Administrator

“The FIRST day we were successfully backing up clients.”
– Kim M. Project Manager

”Now I can use non-technical staff, saves time and resources.”
– Dean W. Network Administrator

STORServer takes a personal effort to make sure it is working properly, even after the install week.
– Todd K., Server Team Analyst

“STORServer’s appliance is so simple to use that even I have done the backups.”
– David A. IT Director

“The STORServer has done everything we were promised it would do.”
– Rebecca S. System Administrator

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