Fast + Reliable

  • Dependable IBM® hardware
  • Cutting edge IBM® or CommVault® software
  • Satisfies compliance mandates
  • Cross-platform and LAN friendly
  • Same-day deployment
  • Minutes a day to manage


  • Fewer dedicated resources needed
  • Lower network impact
  • Less storage required
  • Up to 87% less cost per year than other solutions
  • Pays for itself in as little as 9 months


  • Intuitive management console
  • Automated daily processes
  • “At-a-glance” reporting
  • Comprehensive U.S.-based support
  • 30-Day money back guarantee

Why STORServer?

STORServer is the leading provider of data protection. STORServer backup appliances are cross-platform, network friendly and offer lower total cost of ownership than competing, less comprehensive solutions. STORServer provides the only data recovery guarantee in the market. All STORServer appliance products are sold with a “30-day money back guarantee,” offering our customers peace of mind and worry-free data protection.

Each STORServer Backup Appliance is a fully integrated solution that includes industry-leading hardware, intuitive backup software and robust data protection technology. Each solution is built to specifications that not only meet current data protection demands, but are also scalable to meet ever-changing backup, archive and disaster recovery requirements.